v i t a m i n s

February 9, 2010

February screams for colour. And vitamins. Perhaps I’ll make a new batch of Seville Marmalade before the Seville oranges rot and we slather the last from last year’s batch on a piece of toast.

Nah. I’d rather knit.

And finish the chart for no hesitation gloves.

7 Responses to “v i t a m i n s”

  1. Gabriella Says:

    Do knit…you can always quickly made juice out of the oranges. Your gloves and mitts look superb!! x

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      OK, if you say so!
      Though… I must say Seville oranges make for lovely marmalade, all bitterness and all those gazillions of pips bursting with pectin.

  2. Sally Says:

    Mmmm, am obsessed with oranges at the moment. Although I think they peaked a couple of weeks ago. Currently working my way through a dish of almonds and dried cherries, another nice colourway…

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Oh, I’m sure my little Sevilles may have peaked in my garage without anyone there to take note, but they make dang good marmalade nevertheless — or would, if someone were to make any. (If someone does, I’ll send you a jar. I add whisky. Can’t hurt.)

  3. natalie Says:

    Marmalade gloves… now there’s an idea to conjure with.

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