The easiest provisional Cast On. Ever.

February 14, 2010


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w i n d i n g cast on

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winding CO

I came across this cast on somewhere in the vast knitting universe on the web when I first took up lace knitting  — and completely bungled the crochet cast on.  (I had to disentangle each and every stitch by hand for my first “real” lace project, the gorgeous Muir by Romi. I had knit into the wrong loop of the crochet chain… with fussy mohair yarn that didn’t want to be set free. Since then, I have indeed found a crochet CO that works — by the very same Romi.)

I have not been able to find my way back to what I now call the Winding CO. It’s out there somewhere. However, it is so incredible simple, that once you’ve learned it, you don’t need to look it up again. I now cannot quite understand why we struggle so much with twisted loops and strands and crochet chains. They probably have features important for certain kinds of projects that I don’t yet know about. I am willing to learn.

In the meantime, I have put together my own How-To page for the Winding CO. Right here.

2 Responses to “The easiest provisional Cast On. Ever.”

  1. Tsarina of Tsocks Says:

    If you google it under “Turkish Cast-On” I think you will find that it is indeed out there. 😉

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Yes, so I have been told by people who know things, but thanks for helping to steer me out my darkness! I love that cast-on, Turkish or not, and use it all the time — also for swatches as it unravels more easily than many other COs.

      (Anyway, I don’t think my tutorial does any harm, so I’ll just leave it. The knitting world is wonderfully full of rediscoveries and unventions and this to my mind is a good thing.)

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