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March 1, 2010

Oh yes, I joined both The Olympic Knitting over at The Yarn Harlottery and the Ravelympics. But then I got sidetracked and sprinted in an event I wasn’t even entered for.  So no medals for me.  But three completed projects (but out of contention). Sod the medals — medals don’t keep you warm, knitwear does (my chosen excuse).

Very happy with my new sideways, no-finishing, seamless (as in No Sewing — ok, a few stitches on one shoulder, but that’s it!) emil(ia) and the New & Improved placement of buttons (where they should have been all along). Hem and neck edging are knit as you go.



emil(ia)Y a r n : Karisma Superwash Wool (DK) — while knitting the yarn feels quite stiff and almost rough, but softens wonderfully after soaking. P a t  t e r n: emil(ia)

The main obsession otherwise is still The Yarn Yard Clan.

The Yarn Yard Saffron Clan

Will post about the latest outbreak of Clan mania later.

Pity gloves are only for winter. I may have to move somewhere where there’s perpetual winter. But I refuse to take up lugeing. Or the skeleton.

io gloveio glove

5 Responses to “no medals”

  1. Susan aka paintermom Says:

    I love this sweater! My soon-to-be 13yo ds would love to have one. Any chance you’d help with the math on sizing it up?

    I’m glad you are blogging and selling your patterns. Natalie at the Yarn Yard was right: they’re great!

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Thank you, Susan!
      And yes, I would love to work up the Emil-Emilia in larger sizes — and have been thinking a bit about S/M/L for women (after being asked to). I’ll look into sizing it for a 13 yo. I think the self-hemming neckline would work in larger sizes, too, if kept shallow enough. If too deep, it might pull. Oh, and with perfect timing, Natalie helpfully the other day tipped me off about sweater construction software. If I come up with a solution soonish, I’ll let you know.

  2. Sally Says:

    I am also harbouring desires to knit a cardigan in Clan. Or a sweater. Or both…

    Have I told you how much I love Emil(ia)?

    Must knit this pattern.

  3. Åsa Tricosa Says:

    Mmm… yes! A whole sweater in Clan. I’m thinking cropped cardigan. Saffron.

  4. Aberdonian Says:

    That little sweater is really cute. And Clan is a beautiful yarn. I love knitting it. I might be thinking of making a whole sweater of it.

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