going sideways

June 2, 2010


Galathea in Posh Yarn Cecilia (1ply cobweb cashmere/silk)

I like going sideways, apparently. At the moment, I also like the mindlessness of lots of simple, predictable, plain stockinette knitting. Oh, but with a little something to keep awake — a simple, memorizable lace border knit along as I go.

So I’m making more of these. More Galatheas. And also Poppeas and Agrippinas. Just you wait.

The screaming green, silky loveliness of the yarn is a wonder — it doesn’t wrinkle no matter how scrunched in a pile, bag, or purse. A miracle, really.


Galathea on Galathea in a Bayreuth park

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  1. Marianne Says:

    Such a beautiful green, I love your description of the yarn too, I can almost feel it!

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