while I’m looking for rrrred

June 30, 2010

spice boy

y a r n: Reynolds Superwash Baby Wool, p a t t e r n: Ellington Socks by Cookie A

Still on a hunt for poppy red

“But oh, there are many kinds of poppies…?” “Like Monet’s! “Oh, ok.” “Look, like those there!” “Hmmm…”

This sock is red-red, but the yarn is boring and a little scratchy. There is a little fuzziness going on, not enough crispness in the twisted cables. But lovely pattern. And I’m expecting delivery of rrrrrrrrred Clan and Toddy by The Yarn Yard any moment now. I want to knit Ellington in Clan or Toddy to get those nice, crisp stitches.

In the meantime I have spent a fortune on various not-quite-poppy reds… all lovely, some stunning but not… r i g h t.


the red bounty

There was more… some have been passed on already.

Smoothie Sock

Artist's Palette Smoothie Sock

Oh, Juliet of Artist’s Palette Yarns very  generously sent me all three of the reds she had in stock so that I could choose. Most kind. (I chose the one on the left — but it’s still too orange for my sock.)

4 Responses to “while I’m looking for rrrred”

  1. sussexyorkie Says:

    All lovely colours, but its difficult when you have a specific shade in mind. Love the interim sock though. x

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Thanks! And yes, perhaps I should work on becoming more flexible… I too love the sock — at least in photos. The yarn photographs well. Not so nice to touch, though.

  2. Lucy Burns Says:

    Hmmm – think I like some of your deeper reds – I like clarety reds – if you want to rehome any let me know 😉

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      I will let you know. Chances are, however (and sadly for my finances) that we like the same, deep, skeins… But I may release the Posh Elinor (2 skeins). I’d have to have some serious talks with myself first.

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