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August 25, 2010


Semele is another sideways shawl, knit in one piece from tip to tip.  The stitch pattern is a traditional edging, sometimes called Great-Grandmother’s edging.

I love sideways. I do.

The drape of Posh Yarn Eva 4ply (cashmere/silk),  is simply gorgeous. Other versions are in the works… different weights and kinds of yarn. I’ve started too many even to list.

Some inkling:

seasilk semele

Above: small, narrower scarfletty version in Handmaiden SeaSilk. Of necessity small. I have only one skein. A little strangely squeaky to knit with, but drapes beautifully.

An autumn scarf in FyberSpates Scrumptious 4 ply (silk/wool):

scrumptious semele

And some random attempts:

(left: Posh Yarn Sophia 2ply, right: Indigo Moon Nature’s Harvest Silk)

6 Responses to “more sideways knitting”

  1. Yosefa Says:

    It’s gorgeous, but I’m so stuck! I don’t know how many times to repeat the bolded instructions, nor do I know whether to repeat them at the beginning or end. At first I tried to do only at the end of the wrong side row and then the beginning of the even. But when you get to the third repeat, it doesn’t work. Also, I have lace holes across the leaves where they shouldn’t be. So how many times (when following the written instructions) do you repeat those bolded instructions?

    • sa Tricosa Says:

      I have replied to you (twice) in answer to the question where you posted it on Ravelry. Please have a look there (and here) and let me (or the other knitters who have knitted Semele many times over) if you need more assistance.

      Knit with abandon! sa

      • Yosefa Says:

        Sorry, Asa, I’m not sure how to use Ravelry yet; haven’t been on it enough times. I am sending you a picture (if I can); I do understand now about when I see M1 to ignore it and just knit through, which I have been. But now I’m wondering why I have holes across the “triangles”? And I still don’t know about the bold instructions at the beginning of the rows and the end of the rows…you say on the first page — bolded = repeated at the beginning/end on every RS row and bolded = repeated at the beginning/end on every WS row…?
        Sorry, having trouble getting back to the semele thread…I’ll try.

      • Yosefa Says:

        Thank you for replying! It finally clicked! I want to send you a picture of what I did wrong, but I think if I rip out the last bit, I can follow better. Yes, I am following the written one, simply because there were too many new symbols in the charts…thank you again!

  2. […] did try to get them to match. I think I might actually have preferred to knit Åsa Tricosa’s Semele, which uses the same lace pattern to create a longer, stole-like shawl, but then again […]

  3. tea Says:

    Absolutely gorgeous! Will search among yarns for the right one , as soon as possible! =)

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