a small gathering of semeles

September 13, 2010

semele shawl

semele shawl

Yarn: 2 skeins of Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply in GoldBrownSilver (silk/merino) — gorgeous, silky drape

semele shawl in Sea Silk

semele shawl in sea silk

Yarn: A single skein (400 m) of Handmaiden Sea Silk

There will be more scarflettes like this one, good quick present size — perhaps in Yarn Addict‘s Ocean Silk. And I really want to try Blue Moon Fibre Art‘s sea silk — especially in the fantastically named colourway, Pond Scum.

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  1. Just bought this pattern, and I’m off to the yarn shop after work to get yarn – making two for Christmas presents, and I’m SURE I’ll be back here to ask you some questions pretty soon! 🙂 So lovely!

  2. Katarina Nilsson Says:

    I just love this shawl!
    I intend to knit it in a wonderful linen yarn from Swedish Yllotyll.
    And then I am going to try the Galathea pattern, which is also so beautiful.
    Åsa, this is just great!

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Thank you (tack så mycket!) — det gör min själ glad att få sådant beröm. If you live in Uppsala we’ll have to meet! (I’ll be back there in August). Oh, and I do love the yarn selection at YLLoTYLL (and I often ordered yarn from them both when I lived in Boston and in the UK). åsa

  3. YarnAddict Says:

    Beautiful shawls and beautiful yarns.

  4. Terese Says:

    Semele is so amazingly beautiful! Cant wait for payday to buy the pattern and knit it! ❤

  5. Donna Wynn Says:

    Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the Monday morning inspiration!

  6. Gabriella Says:

    They are all so beautiful…better hurry up and finish Galathea so that I can cast on for one myself!

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