seduced by silk

February 28, 2011

Meet Atalanta, named after the (sassy) character in the Händel opera, Xerxes:


Alchemy Silk Purse (Dragon)


She comes with a bold, funky, almost chunky border, but unlike the character, is less trouble than meets the eye. This is a simple knit with a pattern that repeats over only 4 rows, two of which are plain knitting. Still, the border is satisfying in a strange way as it seems to produce an almost chunky fringe or instant lace without any real lace knitting. (And yes, it’s another sideways shawl, knitted from end to end.)

It is possible that I have knitted a few more… (in fact, I can’t seem to stop and am just off to try to get my hands on some Sanguine Gryphon for my next one… that I’ve already started (and almost finished) one in SG Sappho II doesn’t really count.


Oh, and then there’s the grrrreeeen one in Wollmeise 100% Superwash… and…