20 July @ Posh Yarn!

July 15, 2011


The Ifigenia kit goes on sale on 20 July at 8pm at Posh Yarn.

I am quite excited to see what colours Dee’s Tony will have invented for the kit. OK, so I’m also verrry excited to even have been asked to design for the lovely Dee of Posh Yarn. I’m just trying to act normal and unbothered, as if it is something I do every day…

(For a beaded shawl, you will need to also get 372 size-8 beads for a 6-wedge shawl, and 434 beads for a 7-wedge shawl.)

I’m going to cast on my second Ifigenia tonight. With this:


One Response to “20 July @ Posh Yarn!”

  1. Anne-Kristin Says:


    I followed Posh Yarn’s site yeasteday at work, hoping to get a grab of one of the kits offered on their site. I have limited access to internet at home, and living in Norway makes all of this a little difficult.

    I really love your pattern and their yarn, but when I arrived at work this morning, everything was sold out.

    I have tried to ask Posh if they by accident have a left over kit, but it does not seems like they have.

    Is it possible for me to buy you pattern now?
    Please, help me, I would really love to knit this shawl during my summer holiday.

    Thanks in advance.


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