(sort-of) intarsia in the round

March 23, 2012


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I like knitting in the round. I like colour blips. I like the two together.
But intarsia does not work in the round…

So this is how I do it.

(The instructions below are specifically for the coloured squares in my sweatrrr (see previous post) — pattern should be available soon(ish). If you are working with larger colour insertions, you’ll obviously need a longer piece of Contrast Colour and to be a little inventive.)

Round 1: Cut a 55-60 cm (22″)-piece of Contrast Colour (CC) yarn. Join and knit 5 sts, but leave a 20 cm (7″) end at the beginning. You will knit the 5 CC sts on the next round with this end.

First 5 sts, right side

5 CC sts knitted on Round 1. Not a bad start!

Now strand the Main Colour (MC) behind, not too loosely, not too tightly either, then twist MC around CC, and pull MC tight at beg. of the 5 CC sts — pull and stretch the fabric to see that the yarn is not pulled too tightly, check, fiddle a little.

Twisting the yarns behind

Twisting the yarns — in normal intarsia knitting, this would be the complete twist right here.

Twisting the yarns, step 2.

Completion of the twist — you are ready to knit with the purple (MC) now.

Round 2: Knit 5 CC sts with the short yarn end from previous round.

Round 1, wrong side

View from the wrong side. The arrow points to the short end, which is picked up to knit the 5 CC sts of Round 2 (from the right side).

Now strand MC behind and twist it with the long end of  CC (from the previous round).

Wrong side, round 2

View from the wrong side after knitting Round 2 (from the right side). On Round 3, you’ll be purling back with the long yarn end at bottom right.

Round 3: This is the odd-one-out round. Slip the 5 CC sts without knitting them from Left Needle to Right Needle. Turn work (= Wrong Side) and purl 5 CC sts with the long yarn end from the first round.

slipping 5 sts

Slipping 5 CC sts from Left Needle to Right Needle — so that they can be worked (purled) from the WS.

Round 3, wrong side

5 sts for Round 3 have here been purled back from the wrong side.

Turn work (= Right Side) and again slip the 5 CC sts from Left Needle to Right Needle.

Continue with MC as before, stranding, twisting.

Round 4:  Knit 5 CC sts (the yarn end is just where you want it), then continue with MC. Done.

Complete, from right side

The coloured square is complete — and one more round has been knitted above it.

Complete, wrong side

Viewed from the Wrong Side.

I used a similar technique — but improvised and not very methodical — for a larger, red square on my marja-stina kiddie kimono:


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  3. Jennifer Says:

    Genius! I’m blown away by the creativity if this solution. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Javkie Says:

    Hey, so happy to find you here, I would like to learn how to do Intarsia nicely, thanks for the explanation. It helps 🙂

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Well, you simply have to drop by in Singapore. Then we can practice intarsia together! Thanks for writing! sa

      on Ravelry: ravelry.com/designers/asa-tricosa

  5. Tinky Says:

    I love your ‘Kiddie Kimono’. Do you have this pattern in an adult size?? I would love to make it for myself.
    Thank you.

    • sa Tricosa Says:

      Hello, and thank you! The answer is: no, not yet. I plan to. But it will be a while. Sorry! sa

  6. jan2132 Says:

    Not a comment on this post but to say I came over from Sally, PomPom at http://pompoms.wordpress.com. Have bought Zenaura and will almost certainly be back for more.

  7. Madeleine Says:

    Jag diggar tröjan skarpt! Ser fram emot mönstret 🙂 Men jag får nog läsa inlägget ovan igen för att få in hur man gör ^.^

    • sa Tricosa Says:

      Kul att du gillar trjan! Om du har frslag till hur jag kan gra instruktionen tydligare, s lyssnar jag grna. Jag tror det kanske r lite frvirrande att visa bilder frn avigsidan nr man stickar frn rsidan men det syns ju liksom inte p rtsidan vad som hnder Jag fr nog fila lite ytterligare p layouten.

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