A brief moment in the sun

April 21, 2012


For some exciting hours Bakau was the top pattern in the Ravelry rankings. I know, I know… the rankings are a bit of a mystery and it probably helps to post a new pattern when nobody else is at that exact moment and when the fourth planet is in retrograde and there’s a hail storm in Georgia placing bored Ravelers in front of their screens, idly clicking away at any new pattern.

Still. It was my moment.

Bakau was fun to design. The idea was to make a simple somewhat elongated semi-circular shawl using one of the stitch patterns (Swag Lace) from another recent design (a very lacy wedding shawl).

So… Bakau is simple and non-fussy with a bit of lacy elegance and nicely neat, finished edges (selvedges) that are knit along as you go (visible in upper left corner in the photo above). I like those very much.

There is a fun quirk to casting on — Åsa’s Tab Cast On — which creates a seamless edge. Rather clever, if I may say so…

It’s not complicated, just a bit different.

Even so, in case you’re  having trouble with it, the link above goes to a mini photo tutorial so you can see for yourself just how simple it is.  (Knitters who have knitted my Semele or Galathea will recognise the idea.)

By the way, the pattern includes also a smaller 1-skein version. This one is knitted with Sanguine Gryphon Bugga:


6 Responses to “A brief moment in the sun”

  1. […] さてさて、新パターンのご紹介です。 バカンスに出る前日にテストニット終了のご連絡をいただいて、リリースがちょっと遅れてしまいました。 アトリエ・ニッツ一番人気のセメレのデザイナー、オーサさんの作品です。 当店でお取り扱いしているティオン・バルショールの扇と花模様のレースと、Bakau(未邦訳)のウィング模様を組み合わせてストールに仕立てられています。 ですので、出来上がったものはホントにゴージャス。 しかもストールなので使いやすいですよね。 […]

  2. kessanlin Says:

    Congratulations! This is a lovely pattern indeed and the 1st place is a well deserved position!

  3. picperfic Says:

    beautiful work and stunning photography…

  4. Reidun Says:

    Den är så himla fin!! Jag gillar det mesta du gör, har köpt många mönster av dig, detta skall också inhandlas! Vilken färg har du använt till den som är gjord i Fyberspates?

    • sa Tricosa Says:

      Tack! Garnet r Fyberspates Faery Wings i frgen Every Cloud. Visst r det vackert!

      Thank you! The yarn is Faery Wings in the colourway Every Cloud. It’s lovely, isn’t it!

  5. Mickey Says:

    Congratulations! I just bought my copy tonight, it is beautiful, I love it in the magical color of the clouds.

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