August 11, 2013


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One simply cannot have too many stripes.

Therefore, strrripes:
OK, so the challenge was and still is this: how do you start from one shoulder and wind your way down to the hem in one piece of knitting, while striping and with absolutely minimal cutting and joining of skeins? And achieving symmetry? And no finishing left to do when you’re done?


The challenge is still on for even if the Ziggurat method is now worked out and finessed in general – I have so far worked out the turns and joins for 6-row stripes (as in the blue/green cardigan above) and 4-row stripes (below) – there are other possibilities…
Each variant of striping and pullover versus cardigan works differently; the colour change has to happen in different places  – unless one likes cutting, joining, sewing. That, too, is of course possible.
(I like sewing. I like knitting. I just don’t like to sew my knitting. When I’m done knitting, I want to be done done.)

Oh, and a knitter just asked about using multiple colours, not just two. I have work to do!

p.s. The fabulous yarn for the Strrripes cardigan at the top is dyed by Ce of The Uncommon Thread. Her BFL Sock yarn has fantastic sheen and drape. It’s almost hard to believe there is no silk involved. The happy, gorgeous colours in the other cardigan are dyed by Tuulia of Knitlob’s Lair. The yarn is Väinämöinen, a 4-ply sock yarn. (The pattern is not available yet but will be.)

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  1. […] to be working with Tuulia Salmela’s beautiful Knitlob’s Lair yarn. (I just knitted a happy striped cardigan with one of her other yarns, Väinämöinen.) This is a teaser for the scrummy December […]

  2. what a nice photoshooting!

  3. Doris Dippel Says:

    i love you and your creative approach to knitting! You are an inspiration and enabler for those of us less able to visualize and design what you turn out so seemingly effortlessly!!

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