The Great Finnish Yarn Club

August 15, 2013

Only three days left to sign up!


Jenni is running her exciting Great Finnish Yarn Club again, a club that pairs the talents of wonderful Finnish indie dyers with some very talented designers (well, at least I can honestly say so about the other three…).

You get four instalments of yarn & a pattern designed for that particular yarn.

September: Yarn by Hopeasäie & pattern by Susanna IC

October: Yarn by Lanitium ex Machina & pattern by Yarnissima

November: Yarn by Handu & pattern by Veera Välimäki

I’m really pleased to be the designer for December (my sort of month in so many ways) and to be working with Tuulia Salmela’s beautiful Knitlob’s Lair yarn. (I just knitted a happy striped cardigan with one of her other yarns, Väinämöinen.) This is a teaser for the scrummy December yarn:



It’s displayed in the decidedly non-club theme, Colour-drained Late Summer Doldrums (you can spy the second “colour” in the centre – already wound).

In the club you have the choice from one of three more enticing colour schemes:

  • Dark November Nights
  • Harvest Time
  • Misty Autumn Mornings

I look forward to seeing how the dyers have interpreted these themes.

(A note on the pricing: for EU customers, the listing does not include VAT – tax (19%) and shipping (about €25) is added at the end. Just so you don’t get more of a surprise than you want.)

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