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The Symbol Key for the charts:
In the second column, 4th row from the bottom:
It should say Chart 3 only (not chart 4).

The symbol immediately below that one says, “p2tog with one of the X-stitches.”
It should be k2tog on wrong side with one of the X-sts (so the k2tog “uses” one of the live sts from the LN)

(updated April 2012)


Patterns downloaded after 22 March 2011 include the corrections listed below:

  • Chart 2, row 18 (p. 4 in written pdf): k1tbl should instead be  (k1 into bar between sts as if there were a yo in the row below)

The following concerns only the separate pdf file for the written instructions:

  • p1. Legend: sk2p should be explained as sl1, k2tog, psso
  • Chart 2, Row 21: the beginning should read sl1, k2 (instead of sl1, k1).

11 Responses to “errata”

  1. Darlene WINTHER Says:

    Working on Tric, my first cardigan. I’m concerned that the right collar and left collar don’t match up when I join together to work on the back shoulders. Pattern says to end on row 10 on the right collar, step 1 which leaves 14 sts (my size) to place on holder. Step 3 left collar says to end with row 9 which leaves 24 sts on holder? This causes the rows when join in the center to be uneven. What am I missing. I have started 3 times and end up with the same result! Help please 🙂

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:


      Sorry you’re having such trouble. It’s a bit of an unusual beginning but it will make sense eventually.

      Are you also on Ravelry? If so, can you please post your question in the Tric thread in my group: Link

      I think you’ll get a faster reply there usually some generous knitter drops by with excellent advice (also usually someone who is either knitting Tric right now or has knitted it very recently so has better advice than I do!).

      I’ll drop by there later (latest by tomorrow) to see whether you have received help or here via email also latest by tomorrow in case you don’t have a Ravelry account.

      Thanks for writing! Help will be on its way.

      knitting with abandon sa

      on Ravelry: ravelry.com/designers/asa-tricosa

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Hello again!

      I’ve now posted your question in the Tric thread. I’ll drop by there later tomorrow when I have more time to be online. sa

      on Ravelry: ravelry.com/designers/asa-tricosa

  2. Susan Says:

    Is there way to make this a longer shawl without making it a wider shawl?

    Thank you!

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Hello, Susan! Yes, you can make it almost any shape you like. If you look at the photos on the Ravelry pattern page here (you don’t have to be member of Ravelry), you’ll see various shapes, lengths, and widths. You decide how much or little you want to increase and how far apart to space the increases and for how long a stretch you knit without increasing. The important thing is to then mirror this shape and decrease to match the increases. Thanks for writing! Knittingly yours, Åsa Tricosa

  3. Claudia Franzen Says:

    I`m a knitter from Germany and started Semele directly after having fallen in love with it. Now I need support please.
    I am using the written pattern and there´s a mess in my knitting in row 16 of chart 2.I counted my stitches again and again but it won´t fit. When I count out the pattern in R 15 beginning right behind the double prime, I should get eight stitches in the very first section (yo,k4,yo,k2tg,p1= 8 stitches).So far everything is ok in my piece and the row comes out even.
    I come to this point in R16 in the very last section before the double prime (k3,yo,k2tg,k4).And here is my problem: If I count out the stitches in the last parantheses this requires 9 ground stitches – but there are only 8 stitches left from R15 – one stitch is missing. I compared it with the chart to exclude a typo but its the same.
    Please be so kind to give me advice.
    Best regards,

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:


      I will try to sort this out for you as soon as I can. Will write back soon!


    • Claudia Franzen Says:

      Ok,hope I fixed my bug…
      I am always working with stitchmarkers and so I placed one at the double prime. One should remember that sm´s are not mured in the knitting. When I switched it one stitch further between the two stitches of the 2into2 of row 15 my row 16 comes out even.
      I´ll go on now – trying to reach the stockinette part today.

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Hello again! As far as I can figure out: First, I would suggest counting the total number of stitches and ignoring the double parallel bars — they may be confusing matters rather than helping. If you count the total sts after completing row 15 you (should) have 49 sts. And this is exactly the amount of sts you need for row 16. One idea: are you knitting the 2-into-2 correctly in row 15? This stitch is not a decrease (you make 2 stitches by knitting front and back into a k2tog). On row 16 one of those 2 sts belongs to the OTHER side of the parallel bars, that is, it is the beginning of a new faggoting column that will run on the left side of the body sts when they are introduced later. Does this help? If not, perhaps some other knitter from the old KAL in the Posh forum on Ravelry can help you better? Knittingly yours, Åsa Tricosa

      • tiffany ma Says:

        I want going to try this ,could I get the patten?

      • Åsa Tricosa Says:

        My patterns are at this point available only via Ravelry. I hope this helps! Thanks for writing. Åsa

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