November 30, 2012

And I have a new love.


Tricsi was designed with the intention of introducing the somewhat unusual and to some knitters perhaps unnecessarily convoluted Top-Down Ziggurat Tricnique, which I came up with for sweatrrr (no pattern yet) and koronki (previous post). I wanted to give knitters a chance to do a trial run with the technique without having to commit to an adult-size garment, yarn cost, knitting time, frogging time.



And then too, Tricsi is just so cute. I had to knit an adult version for me right away. I have no good photos yet… grey, dull light the past few days. But a taster, nevertheless:




November 1, 2012


Koronki has finally made the transition from idea via concrete instantiation to description and is now available as a pattern for other knitters to replicate or riff on as they please.

Who knew that something that is so simple to knit would be so difficult to describe?

I’m beginning to see the point of workshops and knitting classes. Some things are just so much easier to simply demonstrate, hands-on, yarn-and-needles in hand.

The beauty of koronki, apart from its elegant line, flair, and attention to detail (she humbly said) (oh, but do see the tiny braid down the back, a braid that flares into a lace triangle) is that it is entirely seamless and knitted in one piece from the centre back down to the hem without cutting or joining new yarn except for when skeins run out. This is Åsa’s Top-Down Ziggurat Tricnique.


It’s top-down but nevertheless features shaped shoulders and a curved neckline in the back. This shaping is of course modelled on Tuulia Salmela’s wonderful Tailored Sweater Method. The Ziggurat Tricnique zigs and zags back and forth, working each shoulder in turn, but with a special way of getting from one point to the next without cutting the yarn.

Yarn: Fyberspates Faery Wings – Jeni of Fyberspates is right now offering a discount and a greater choice of gorgeous colours to choose from when you buy yarn for the pattern.

It was this yarn that inspired koronki in the first place. Faery Wings is a silk yarn with some kid mohair (and a little nylon). This mix makes for a wonderful drape and sheen with just a little (mo)hairy halo – not to be confused with ordinary mohair yarns. Faery Wings is simply much more elegant and subdued. I could knit with it all day, every day. In fact, I may be knitting with some right now…


Oh, by the way, I have recently knitted my sweatrrr design using my new technique, so when that pattern is ready to be released – with the intrepid assistance of tech editor Stephanie Boardman –  it too will feature the Top-Down Ziggurat Tricnique. And sweatrrr, which does not have a built-in collar, makes it easier to follow the pattern steps.

In the meantime I’ll design a simple baby cardigan in DK-weight yarn  – a quick knit and a small project on which to learn the Tricnique.

Sweatrrr knitted with Sanguine Gryphon Bugga:



Tiong Bahru Prize Draw

July 17, 2012

Raveler krickelina is the winner of one skein of lovely Gryffin (Asa) by The Gossamer Web.

Raveler mizzbananie is the winner of the just released Serangoon pattern.


Gryffin Prize Draw

June 30, 2012

On July 16 at 11:59 PM RST* a winner of one lovely skein of Gryffin (merino/silk/cashmere) will be drawn from all owners of the Tiong Bahru pattern.


Gryffin, a new yarn from The Gossamer Web is a heavy laceweight at 600m per 100g. It has a lovely sheen and just the right amount of variegation. The colourway, Åsa, is a gorgeous, lively, limey green.

A second winner will receive my new stole pattern (not yet published), Serangoon. It’s the third design flowing out of a (very) big shawl I designed as a wedding gift earlier in the year. Serangoon is really the stole version of the original.


I loved knitting the other two and how they turned out, but Serangoon is my favourite project so far in a long time – and I’ve been quite pleased with many things lately. I like everything about Serangoon; the intense, muted, jewelly green in the darker shades of Green Woodpecker plumage; the combination of geometrical swags that transition into an arch of airier mesh, and then that spectacular, billowy lace border makes another appearance. (It is the main feature of Tiong Bahru and also of the wedding shawl. The swag pattern in the centre is what defines the Bakau shawl but there as a flaring border, and features briefly in the wedding shawl.) Finally, the design is quite lacy, almost ornate, but despite that and the all-out border the finished stole has more of a contemporary, modern look. Just up my alley.

Yarn: Dye for Yarn Lace Silk/Baby Camel/Merino; 700m/100g, Crushed Pistachio
Needles: 3.5 mm
Notes: pure pleasure & some subtle beading

IMG_0713 copyIMG_0701IMG_0704

* RST = Ravelry Standard Time, also known as The Local Time in Boston, MA, (GMT -4).

The winners will be drawn randomly using the random generator at

…drum rrrrroll

May 24, 2012

Tiong Bahru has made it to No. 1 on the Ravelry hotties list (hurry – look fast, and don’t blink or you might miss it). Pretty darned fabulous, if you ask.



In the excitement over releasing the new pattern I may have got carried away with acquiring (even) more yarn (big sigh). I couldn’t resist buying a colour named after me, could I? And it is really just my kind of green. Just precisely exactly. Fleegle got my wonky description just right — rather, she dyed something more lovely than I had even known that I wanted, and she didn’t tell me she’d name the colour after me (!). I think it’s a sales trick… A good one — it worked and spread onto several of the other lovely, lovely colours of her new yarn, Gryffin, a merino/cashmere/silk, heavy laceweight at 600 m per 100 g, so practically bulky compared to her other finerthanwhisperfine yarns. I’m looking forward to tearing open the parcel when it arrives here.

Meanwhile I’m posting a photo from the shop (haven’t asked permission, will deny all responsibility if caught):

And it’s not as if I haven’t bought other lovely greens lately, such as these silks from Ripples Crafts in Scotland, a laceweight and a 4ply. The colour is Summer Olives and the lustre is quite fantastic. I can’t wait to knit something for me with the lace. Or with both, actually.



It’s possible that I also somehow got some more green of the last of DyeForYarn‘s limited edition silk/cashmere fine lace.

With all this lovely yarn, I feel another Prize Draw coming on. More about this later.

Raveler casey31652 wins the 2 skeins of Faery Wings.

Raveler modeste wins the (not yet released) Tiong Bahru pattern.

Update: modeste happens to be a standby test knitter for this pattern, so she’ll receive some other surprise gift.
A second runner-up who wins the pattern is Raveler woolydoodles.


This was fun.
There will simply have to be another Prize Draw for knitters of Tiong Bahru, when that pattern is released (any day now…). I just have to pick a suitable yarn in my stash.

Prize Draw

May 14, 2012


On Wednesday May 16 at 11:59 PM RST a winner will be drawn from all owners of the Bakau shawl pattern.*

The prize?

2 skeins of  Fyberspates Faery Wings in the colourway Mango (above).

My first Bakau was knitted with this magical yarn — a luxurious mix of silk, mohair and nylon (100 g/399 yds/ 365 m)I believe there will be more.

Oh, and a runner-up will win my next pattern, Tiong Bahru (not yet released):


Now, back to knitting (another Tiong Bahru… in Dye For Yarn‘s Silk Lace).

* RST = Ravelry Standard Time, also known as The Local Time in Boston, MA, (GMT -4).

The winner and runner up will be drawn randomly using the random generator at