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The photos below are linked to the pattern on Ravelry

(you do not need to be a member to access the patterns)

  • Dido is available via p/hop in return for a donation to MSF, Médecins sans Frontières (Doctors without Border)
  • Others are available for purchase
  • Enja’s scarf is a free pattern
tanjong pagar

Tanjong Pagar (knit sideways in wedges)


Serangoon (stole)

tiong bahru

Tiong Bahru (knit in one piece, top-down)


Bakau (knit in one piece, top-down)


Ifigenia (knit in one piece, sideways/wedges)


Zenaura (knit in one piece, sideways)


Isaura (knit in one piece, sideways/wedges)


Zenobia (knit in one piece, sideways)


Arietta (knit in one piece, sideways)


Atalanta (knit in one piece, sideways)


Semele (knit in one piece, sideways)


Alceste (knit in one piece sideways)


Agrippina (knit in one piece, sideways)


dido, stole


Galathea (knit in one piece, sideways)


Poppea (knit in one piece, sideways)


dido, scarf

enja's scarf

enja’s scarf

8 Responses to “shawls”

  1. Hello, I admire Your work very much. I just finish my first Semele, (http://druterele.blogspot.com/2013/02/urodzinowa-semele-i-moj-200-post.html) and since I am a lider of knitting grup in my town in Poland I would like to ask You If I may use this pattern for teaching my colegues?

    Of course it is not a pattern for the bigginers, but there are some advanced knitter who didin’t try Reverse Knitting…
    I wolud be greatful for the reply.

    Thank You once again for beautiful pattern

    • Åsa Tricosa Says:

      Hello Barbara!

      Thanks for writing, thanks for knitting Semele! How lovely of you to want to teach your knitting group how to knit Semele. And no, it’s not for beginners, but with some good guidance I think that not so advanced knitters can succeed.

      However, if your knitters are knitting Semele, they need to buy a pattern like any other knitter. I’d be happy to offer a discount. Email me!

      Happy knitting! sa

      on Ravelry: ravelry.com/designers/asa-tricosa

  2. “shawls Åsa Tricosa” was in fact a good blog. If solely there were more sites such as this
    amazing one in the actual web. Regardless, thanks for ur precious time, Florine

  3. […] above is a Semele, by Asa Tricosa (looking at that page, there’s lots that I’d like to make!), worked on during the late […]

  4. Ruth Owens Says:

    I have started your Dido shawl. I got the border right on second attempt but cannot get the shawl body to work correctly. Do you have a
    written out version of it? I have successfully done lace before but this one is baffling me-Ruth——

    • sa Tricosa Says:

      Hello, there and thanks for supporting p/hop! I don’t have a written version, but I may be able to help you if you let me know more precisely where things go awry.

      (I may also be able to simply write out the chart, but it will be a few days.)


  5. lyekka Says:

    hai, the above are soooo georgeous. Wher can I purchase it.

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