Io duo trio

March 4, 2010

Out of medal contention and competition (we are, obviously, talking about knitting olympics — yes, still, weeeeks after the fact):

io glove

Io, a cousin of Callisto, was inspired by Saffron & Soot — two of Natalie’s rich, deep colours in her fingering-weight Clan.

The skeins are 65 grams — optimal for playing around with different colours. Two skeins should make 1 pair of gloves and 1 pair of fingerless mitts.

io fliptop mitt

Next up:

Top-down mitts.


Because the pattern looks best knitted in that direction. And it allows you to use up all the yarn in your skein(s).


Before you begin knitting, divide your yarn into two halves, and then knit without fear, because you know that you have enough for the second mitt. Perfect.