This can be done…

August 19, 2010

… in three days.

Alceste knit with The Yarn Yard Crannog, a lace-weight 100% merino superwash(150 g/750 m). This laaaarge shawl  (almost 3 metres long) is knit with 1 skein.

Deadlines work

The beautiful new lace yarn — Crannog in Beetroot by Natalie of The Yarn Yard — arrived on a Friday. Knitting began Friday evening. Three days later  – a (huuuuuge) shawl (it grew mightily in blocking…).

Criteria: lace or mesh pattern must have rest rows, charts must be super easy to memorize. Quick, quick decisions —  a curved shawl shape rather than a rectangle? Yes.

The construction is, yet again, a sideways shawl knit in one piece. I like these for at least two reasons.

1. No endless rows — towards the end when you might be losing faith and want to cast on for something entirely different, the rows are getting shorter and shorter and the knitting speeds up

2. You know you will have enough yarn because you simply turn when half of it is gone (or when you think the shawl is half of what it ought to be, or when you get bored — well, ideally halfway before you get so bored you want to do anything but finish)

I wouldn’t say this was a particularly interesting knit, given the repetitiveness of the pattern. But I do love the result. The 8-row lacy border worked enough as an incentive for me to keep going… one more border repeat, one more… one more. Well, that and the deadline.


Stitch pattern for the body: Barbara Walker’s version of traditional Star Rib Mesh. It repeats over 4 stitches and 4 rows, but is really a 2-row pattern that shifts sideways (purled rows on the wrong side)

Border: open, airy lace points and a faggoting column inside

Edge: picots and a simple yo column just inside it

I didn’t want any thick borders or dividing lines between the body and the edges, so the increases and decreases are worked into the first stitch “really” belonging to the faggoting column. Likewise between the column and the border.

I think I will make a stole version of the pattern as well.


Dido in Scrumptious 4ply from Fyberspates

Thanks to the brilliance and generosity of Natalie Fergie of The Yarn Yard and Pete and Clare at MSF (Médecins sans Frontières/Doctors without Borders), knitters are raising much-needed funds via p/hop — Pennies per Hours of Pleasure. Knitters donate patterns, knitted items for raffles, yarns, pattern books. These are made available to other knitters (or non-knitters for that matter)  in return for a donation to MSF — as much as they think the item is worth or as much as they can part with.


Dido in Clan from The Yarn Yard

Dido is one such pattern. If you would like to knit it, you can find it now at p/hop (along with other interesting patterns).

Dido can be knit as stole (requiring about 700-800 yards/metres of fingering yarn) or as scarf (requiring about 400 yards/metres).

There is more information on the pattern here (as well as a link to p/hop and the download link).

dido in fybersspates scrumptious

Dido in Fyberspates Scrumptious 4ply